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"Mom Learns Ancient Secret To Perform Exorcism On Daughter Possessed By Teen Demon So She Can Have Her Child Back!"

Are you Fighting and Arguing With Your Teenager About Them Breaking Your Rules?
Fearful, anxious and frustrated with your teenagers behavior and poor choices. They ignore you, say hurtful things, are angry, rebellious, shut down and do the opposite of everything you say. You lay awake at night wondering if they are on the fast track to drugs, prison or even worse! They have no respect for the rules you have created to teach them about life and keep them safe

Have you been searching for a way to get your teenager to listen and respect your house rules? So they will be safe and grow up to be a successful adult of tomorrow!

The rules you have created hasn't worked because the digital teenager of today is more complex. Internet, cell phones and video games have them hypnotized by the dark side. Then sprinkle some bad influences from that Teen Tribe they hang out with. Then you have a recipe for defiance and chaos.

Yes, you believe you have tried it all? Punishment and taking all of their stuff away. Which has probably made things worse... Yet, your teenager is still defiant. Doing what they want when they want and turning your family's world upside down! 
Are You Fearing The Worst?...
Have You Run Out Of Things To Try And Have No Idea What To Do NOW?
You are at wit's end. You feel like nothing is ever going to work. You don't recognize your child any longer. They have all the leverage because they know how to manipulate you. You have lost all control.

Yes, you feel like you have wasted a lot of time, money and resources on getting them to listen and respect your rules. Bribing, doctors, therapists, maybe bail, lawyers. That is ok. Because, non of this is your fault. Your teenagers are under the spell of the digital gods and their teen tribe. Your parents could never have provided you with the skills to parent teenagers of today. Who could ever have imagined this world?

I was once in your shoes and was out of options as well. I tried everything and nothing was working. I was scared for my son and fearful that I was failing as a parent.
Then, One Day I Discovered Something That Would Change 
The Parenting World Forever...
I uncovered a secret about the reasons why digital teenagers don't listen to parents...

10 Simple Steps To Creating House Rules(House Rules Of Harmony), the result of all this pain and suffering, and now...

I am now on a mission with a new life purpose to help parents avoid the tragedy that I had to deal with so no parent would have to encounter the suffering that me and my family had to.
What If The Worst Thing You Could Ever Imagine...Happened?
What is one thing that keeps you up at night and makes you stressed all day?
I tried everything to get my son to make better choices. I failed miserably because nothing worked and I felt like I was running out of time...I was a bad parent and I only had one chance to get this right. 

I tried punishment, therapists, tough love, friendship and the more I pushed the more he retreated. Was I pushing to hard or not hard enough! What are the consequences I would face? What are the consequences for my son?

For several years, I failed miserably but never gave up and along the way I learned from all my mistakes. However, my son wasn't as lucky. I gave it 1000% for several years and my son passed away in his twenties and his death put me on a collision course to discovering the skills and techniques to help parents parent the teenager of today.

Because my purpose was to develop my Struggle Free Parenting System for parents of teenagers. This system also includes a 10 simple step-by-step system to help parents create rules that their teenagers obey so that they can be safe and enjoy a loving relationship with them
Richard Pryor
Author, Certified Life Coach and Future Psychotherapist for Parents and Teenagers 

Has helped over 2,000 parents raising teenagers.

Has coached young adults and parents in prisons and sober houses.

Discovered the secrets that make teenagers go down the wrong path in life.

Uses this knowledge and experience to help parents coach their own teenagers to success. So they can  keep their children off of skid row and a lifetime of dead end jobs. Which in the end will result in them not having to support their adult children in retirement.
What Would Your Life Be Like If You Could Turn Things Around?...What About Your Teens?
Just imagine the relationship you could have if you were able to get your child to hear and see you?

Just imagine what your home would be like without the constant fighting and door slamming?

Envision what a night would look like if you got to sleep with worrying?

How would you feel if your teenager started making better choices?

What would your world look like without your phone constantly blowing up with angry and hurtful texts?

What would you do with all that extra time you spent battling and punishing your teenager?

Would you have a better relationship with your partner? What about your other children?

What would it mean not to have to fear for their future; wasting more time, money and brain cells? 
"Just Image A House Filled With Harmony"
Built On A Foundation Of Love, Trust, Honor and Respect
House Rules Rapid Generation Success System
House Rules of Harmony
Get this 10 Simple Step-By-Step System To Create House Rules That Your Teenagers Will Obey With All These Extra Bonuses...
Here Is What You Are Going To Get!
House Rules of Harmony. 10 Simple Steps By Step Program for Creating House Rules That Teens Obey.
($597 Value)
This battle tested simple step by step online workbook is going to teach YOU the secret parenting skills that you need in order to create house rules that your teenagers will actually obey without all the struggles, fighting and backtalk so you can enjoy a house filled with peace and harmony that is free of the drama that is pushing you over the edge. 
Step by Step Relationship Building Exercises To Help You Bring the Family Closer. 
($297 Value)
Uncover the secrets that YOU need now to help you get your family to work as a team by spending quality time creating rules that everyone can accept and respect so you can start enjoying the family while learning more about everyone needs and create a home built on a foundation of honor, trust, love and respect.
10 Simple Step By Step Instructional Videos That Will Guide And Coach The Family Through All The Steps.
($797 Value)

This incredible 10-module video coaching series will provide you with the skills and step by step process which will guide you and your family on your journey through self-discovery, self-realization and self-evaluation so everyone in the family will know what each other needs to become successful and enjoy a home filled with love and togetherness.
When You Order Today Get These Bonuses...
Super Cool Bonus #1
The 15 Skills That The Teenagers of Today Need To Know So They Aren't Flipping Burgers When They're 40!
($697 Value)
This mind bending masterclass is going to teach you the 15 skills that teenagers absolutely need to have today (to keep them from an adult life filled with bad decisions and immature behavior) so you can sit back and stop worrying about their future..failing as an adult and living with you when they are 40.

Super Cool Bonus #2
The Secrets to Tackling Teenage Troubles Volume 1
Smoking Weed, School Challenges, Bad Boyfriend, Dirty Rooms And Broken Trust
($697 Value)
This explosive coaching video compilation of real-life troubles that parents raising teenagers struggle with…will give YOU insights and parenting techniques that will help you overcome those teen challenges so you can stop stressing out about their behavior and start helping them make better choices and become that responsible and safe young adult you know they can be. 

Super Cool Bonus #3
The Secret Lives of Teens On Social Media…and What Parents Can Do About It.
($97 Value)
At last, a bullet proof checklist of techniques that YOU can use to help you better understand your teens social media needs so you can help them understand the challenges of the online world which will get you working as a team in order to help your digitally connected teenager stay safe.

Super Cool Bonus #4
Eliminate Cell Phone Addiction: Cell Phone Contract For Teens
($79 Value)
Finally a proven customizable document that is going to help YOU reduce the cell phone drama you are experiencing with your digital teenager of today so you can stop fighting about their addicting cell phone behavior and start living your life with less fears, anxieties and drama.

Super Cool Bonus #5
No More Awkward Silences With Your Teen: The Top 100 Most Empowering Questions To Ask Your Teenager
($97 Value)
Sick of your teenager ignoring YOU and running away when YOU approach them with conversation…you’re in luck because this list of empowering questions will eliminate all those awkward silences so you can start learning more about your teenager and stop stressing out about what they are thinking and focus on what makes you happy in life.

Super Cool Bonus #6
The Powerful Teenager Parenting Group: Private Facebook Group
($287/year Value)
This closed, exclusive Facebook group helps YOU instantly plug into a network of like-minded Powerful Parents Raising Teenagers so you can exchange ideas, tips, advice and get support while you connect with a group of amazing Parents who are trying to survive and thrive while raising teenagers.

You Get the House Rules Rapid Generation System With All The Bonuses Valued at $3,645 for only $29.
This Offer With These Incredible Bonuses Is Not Offered Anywhere Else!
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A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee PLUS
Finally, Have A House Of Harmony with 10 Simple Steps for only $29
  • Discover the simple 10 step process to create rules for teenagers of today that they will obey
  • ​Learn the secret art of communication so you can speak and your teenagers will listen.
  •  Discover the secret to find out what is going on in your teenagers mind.
  • ​Unlock the vault to creating boundaries and rules with your co-parent and end the fighting.
  • ​Learn the skills to build deeper relationships with your teenager and partner
  • ​​Finally, have a house that is filled with peace and quiet and no drama.
If It Only Does Half Of What I Said!
Would That Be Worth $29 Dollars To You?
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  •  House Rules of Harmony. 10 Simple Steps-By-Step Program for Creating House Rules That Teens Obey. ($597 Value)
  •  Step by Step Relationship Building Exercises To Help You Bring the Family Closer. ($297 Value)
  •  10 Simple Step By Step Instructional Videos That Will Guide And Coach The Family Through The Rule Making Process. ($797 Value)
  •  Bonus #1: The 15 Skills That The Teenagers of Today Need To Know So They Aren't Flipping Burgers When They Are 40. ($697 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: The Secrets to Tackling Teenage Troubles Volume 1($697 Value)
  •  Bonus #3: The Secret Lives of Teens On Social Media…and What Parents Can Do About It. ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #4: Eliminate Cell Phone Addiction: Cell Phone Contract for Teens ($79 Value)
  • Bonus #5: No More Awkward Silences with Your Teen: The Top 100 Most Empowering Questions To Ask Your Teenager
    ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #6: The Powerful Teenager Parenting Group: Private Facebook Group ($287/Year Value)
Total Value: $3,645
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $29
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